Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Making Elmo Cupcakes

Step 1- Prepare the eyes. Pipe black frosting onto white melting chips (available at craft stores in the baking dept). I used a tube of Wilton black frosting after being disappointed with the results of the Betty Crocker black gel icing tube (difficult to spread, result was small black dots that made my Elmos' pupils look a bit dilated).

Step 2- Prepare the mouths. Twist Oreo cookies apart and cut with a flat bladed knife. Be prepared for them to crumble instead of cut smoothly. We went through quite a few cookies to get our needed allotment of mouths.

Step 3- Prepare the noses. Perhaps the best part of this venture was getting to eat bags of Peanut and Almond m&ms to secure a few orange Elmo noses. Enjoy!

Step 4- Frost your cupcakes red. I used Wilton red cupcake spray since I'm not a fan of the taste of red died icing. I made homemade buttercream frosting. Dabbed the knife up and down to create a furry effect. And sprayed them cakes red!

Step 5- Right after frosting stick your eyes, noses, and mouths on before the icing begins to dry.

Step 6- Watch your child's eyes light up when she sees them!